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I crossed the river and twisted my knee; the art of anatomy is a project derived from the fear of unknown words that define my body and those of my loved ones. Back in January 2020, I twisted my knee while crossing a river in Rasht, Iran. I was too confident then about my body, my muscles, my cartilages. The day after the accident, as my mobility became limited, I wrapped a piece of fabric around my knee and waited for it to heal overnight. It turned out my body did not function the same as the teenager I once was. a year has passed, but my body has not overcome the trauma and I still have to limit certain activities due to the injury. "Huh," I thought, "I have a conversation with my body for the first time." however, the only words I knew in relation to body damage control at that point were clout, yoke, turmeric- my grandmother's remedy for pain. Horrified by the new language between me and my body, I turned to "the doctors' bible," Gray's Anatomy, to formulate my own therapeutic drug: poetry.

Summer 2021

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